• Infinite Lives Podcast #4: A New Challenger


    Jon and Dan get ready to continue their quest, but…what is this? A new challenger approaches. Will this be a new ally, or their greatest rival? Well, since podcasts don’t do the deathmatch mode much good, I think co-op is the mode of choice. Meanwhile, Jon has fun looking at his love for a monkey in a cap, Dan goes the Marathon to explain how he was into Bungie before it was cool, and Kevin discusses historically accurate ninja magic in the time of Nobunaga (or is that Nobunga?).

  • Infinite Lives Podcast #3


    Jon and Dan enter a new realm of gaming. Yes, it is now time for the excitement of Mode-7, Blast Processing, and Sega doing what Nintendont! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll have a rekindled love for the word “shmup”.

  • Infinite Lives Podcast #2


    Jon and Dan continue down the rabbit hole that is their past. Think of this as a continuation of the first podcast. Just wait for the surprise twist. We learn that one of the Infinite Lives crew did not survive childhood and it actually a ghost…or is he? Only way to find out is to listen to this exciting installment.

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