Extra Life 2013: The Conclusion

We put in 25 hours, and a few extra minutes at the end to bid you all a good night…or morning.  We managed to raise $1270 in donations for Seattle Children’s!  We also got to learn some fun answers to important questions, such as;

How will Jon handle being forced to live the life of a plastic fashion model doll?  (Not well)

How bad of a game does it take to break Dan P? (Any suggested by his Day-Z teammate David)

Can Kevin go more than 25 hours without sleep and still come home to type this post an hour and a half after the marathon? (It involves a lot of Red Bull)

Dan we get Dan H to join us for a bit before joining his Extra Life team?  (If you use the magic words “Rock Band” anything is possible)

If Dan P and Kevin are left alone in sleep deprivation, what is the worst that can happen? (I think we started a cult…)

We will be getting this thing sliced up on Youtube in the near future broken into reasonable chunks of single games or blocks of short failures.  Until then, you can catch up on what you missed by checking out our videos at Twitch.tv.

Now for some much needed coffee.  I’ve had too much Red Bull to consider sleep this weekend.