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  • Mic Check: Podcasting…Basics

    This is my new side project that looks into how to approach home recording and how to make your own studio.  This is a multi-part video series that tries to make things simple and easy to understand, ignoring most of the technical babble that can bog down more professional of videos.  I try to keep it light hearted and intentionally show mistakes as I show how to eliminate them.

    In this episode, we record our first podcast and eliminate audio problems like hissing, humming, buzzing, and dead air.  Most of all, I approach it like we all originally did; on the cheap.  Money can’t solve all of your audio problems.

    If you enjoy this episode, stay tuned for the next part in Mic Check, when we check out upgrading our equipment on both the low and mid end.

    If you are trying podcasting for the first time and need help with technical issues, contact me. I’m happy to help and my email address appears at the end of the episode and I will try to help. Making a great podcast depends on both the creativity of your mind and the ability of the engineer to correct issues in post-production. I want the second part to be easy and fun.

    In this part, we use Audacity (and the LAME MP3 encoder library), a Sony HDR-CX430 Handycam, and a Logitech C615 WebCam. Indirectly, we use a Behringer X1832 USB mixer, an Audio-Technica AT2035 microphone, and Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones. All audio (and video) devices directly used are listed as they are used. Also, the video capture from my PC is done via XSplit.

    Audio quality is lacking at times because we are making a podcast on the cheap. Future episode will be bumped up a bit in audio quality in terms of quality equipment.