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    If you were too busy with the main stream, here is your re-cap of Kevin and his wife raising money for the kids.  There were BSoDs (four of them!), hard games (Brie takes on Super Meat Boy!), and some weirdness (Shower With You Dad Simulator is involved…on my mother’s requested games…D&D players, you know to word your wishes, right?).  Also, Kevin and his wife are both sick with a communal cold (sorry about coughing and sniffles being audible).  If you dare to watch this all, once Shovel Knight begins, jump to the final video (the second has the bulk of Shovel Knight, but skips the end, while the final video is only Shovel Knight after the final BSoD of the day, and includes our salutations).

    Some of the games played include The Yawhg (twice), Super Mario World, Neverending Nightmares (at midnight, of course), Torin’s Passage, Super Meat Boy, Tiny Galaxy, Shower With Your Dad Simulator, You Must Build a Boat, Defy Gravity, The Fall, Love, Hatoful Boyfriend, Colonel’s Quest, Electronic Super Joy: Groove City, Pink Hour, Gunstar Heroes, The Static Speaks My Name, Mount Your Friends, Adventures of Pip, Half Minute Hero, and the surprise hit Battleblock Theater (played twice).  Soma makes a surprise appearance (coupled with hidden BSoDs and errors).

    We also are the only Extra Life stream for Infinite Lives Productions that includes two corgis who also stayed up most of the night with us!  If you hear us call out “Ein” or “Bear”, that’s the corgi names.

    The Start:

    The Second Half:

    The Shovel Knight Ending:

    Last of all, thanks to those who donated!  You are all amazing.  Infinite Lives Productions raised over $4000 (!) for Seattle Children’s because of you all!  Before you give yourselves a pat on the back, pretend I gave you one.  Feel that (pretend) pat and enjoy it.  That’s for you.

    Also, if you still feel like giving, follow this link.  It’s good through the end of 2015.  Just click the name of your favorite Infinite Lives Productions member and donate.

    Thanks to all of you,

    Kevin (Audio Dude) and the team.