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  • Infinite Deaths: Saira Part 3 (The End)

    Saira episode 1 ends with only one thought on Kevin’s mind; I want more! True, if there was more, some controller support would be great, but then again, more content would be greater. Bring on episode 2!

    Things end with far more swiftness and enjoyment than most of part 2 did. The game is smooth and fun, the puzzles are great twitch based action, and the controls almost feel natural for being keyboard only in a platformer. Let’s call the ending a win-win situation for all.

    If episode 2 ever arrives, you can bet it will show up in Infinite Deaths!

  • Infinite Deaths: Saira Part 2

    Kevin encounters his two least favorite type of puzzles for a live stream. We have an esoteric fetch quest and a robot programming session that is too drawn out for a live stream. So, this means the most unwanted tool in an Infinite Deaths is used; a guide.

    I know. We should be above such lameness. However, in the name of making things not boring as hell, you have to do some bad things at times.

    At least the episode ends on a very fun note.

  • Infinite Deaths: NightSky Part 2: Midnight

    Things start off rocky when Kevin returns to NightSky. How rocky? Well, let’s just say this recap of the live stream skips the first two stages he completed because it was more PowerPoint and less game. After a quick re-start, the game is moving smooth, quick, and…ummm…maybe too quickly for Kevin as he repeatedly jumps in easily avoided death pits.

    The scenery remains awesome, the music tranquil, and the vehicle stages are as awesome as ever.

    While the game doesn’t end with this episode, progress and stages are going as smooth as one could hope for a shortened episode.

  • Infinite Deaths: NightSky Part 1: Dusk

    Kevin begins his journey into NightSky. This is a game all about the three “f’s”: fysics, phailing, and phun. You are nothing but a simple marble in a world of confusing three screen levels. While it may begin as a simple and easy experience, it turns difficult in a hurry.

    The old adage, however, does come into play; if you can’t beat it with thought, just brute force the jerk into submission!

  • Infinite Deaths: Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures #1

    Warning: This video has some (im)mature content!

    Instead of the expected Indie Showcase (due to a small issue of a laptop, streaming software, and a lack of stability when both are running), Kevin kicks up a new Infinite Deaths. This time he’s going to swear, get frustrated, and maybe be less profane than the game he plays.

    Yes…Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures is on the menu today, and this game is definitely not for the PG crowd. There are f-bombs, blood, gore, and maybe some recreated Atari era “adult” game sprites.

    Also, this is one game where the protagonist swears along with Kevin as he dies!

  • Infinite Deaths: Battleblock Theater #7 (The End!)

    No April Fools here.  Only April f-bombs!

    Kevin goes in with an optimistic mood about finally beating Battleblock Theater. After numerous curse words, few good times, many frustrating deaths, and Kevin nearly walking out at one point (twice), the ending is finally on us.

    In the end, this is a fun game and it is good in terms of fairness and balanced controls. However, this is also a game meant to drive one insane. It almost ranks up there with Super Meat Boy in terms of insane challenge and feeling accomplished when you beat a challenging stage or section…almost. Some puzzles are a little too prone to glitches and one actually made Kevin cheat the game in this episode. Still, if you have the money and love an insane challenge, you could do much worse.